The Most Important Medical Assistant Requirements

The Most Important Medical Assistant Requirements

Becoming a certified medical assistant is becoming one of the most in demand professions of the decade, given that, more people are entering medical assistant certification programs, so it’s important to know medical assistant requirements.   One of the greatest things about receiving your certificate is that the prerequisites for becoming a medical assistant are very reasonable. Most medical assistants will end up working in a hospital, clinic, or front office of a small physician’s practice.  Most of these employers are specifically looking for medical assistants with certification, and here are the medical assistant requirements you need to know!

Medical Assistant Education Requirements  – The Start

You will need to have at least the equivalent of a high school education in order to start the journey to becoming a certified medical assistant.  A GED will also work as a prerequisite medical assistant requirements.

The Ability to Analyze

Medical Assistant Requirements

One of the most important skills in becoming a medical assistant is you need to have the ability to analyze. Some medical assistant requirements are that a lot of data will be put in front of you, and it will be your job to figure out what it means. Without you, the medical field wouldn’t be able to run! You will also need to use those analyzing skills to figure out which path you want to take to receive your medical assistant certification!


In order to become a medical assistant with a certification, you will need to follow one of the three major routes as described else-where on this site.

-Associate’s Degree

-One year diploma

-Online degree

As mentioned elsewhere, these different avenues to becoming a medical assistant have different pros and cons.  You will end up learning different subjects such as physiology, bookkeeping, medical billing and coding, medical insurance rules, anatomy, and other administrative tasks. Also be prepared to learn about medical ethics as you will be deemed a medical professional, and as such will need to adhere to a professional set of guidelines, generally accepted by medical assistants.


Dependent on which avenue you pick, you can finish the training to become a med assistant and then qualify for either a six month or one year “externship as a medical assistant”.  Personally, everyone I’ve talked to who has done an externship says they learned more during those six months to a year than all of their education requirements combined! It helps you learn about your daily medical assistant duties as well as how to deal with cranky doctors and patients!

Medical Assistant CertificationCertification

One of the largest factors potential employers will look for once you finish you enter the job force is if you are a certified medical assistant. The certification can be done by applying to take the certification test for medical assistants through the authority, American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Once you have passed the test, you will receive your certificate and officially be a medical assistant!  Now you will have to fight off all the employers with a stick!


Typically, you will need to renew your medical assistant certification every five years, depending on which state you are located in. If you do not keep up with your CPE for medical assistants or the Medical Assistant Requirements that go with being certified, you can all the hard work you put forth in becoming a medical assistant!

Your typical duties as a medical assistant may include manning the front desk or back offices, or you may be involved in clinic duties.  If you are interested in becoming a certified medical assistant, this site will hopefully answer all of the questions you may have about the process of receiving your medical assistant certification. Now if you believe this profession could be for you, ACT today and find schools in your area that offer certification! Your wallet and career will thank you later for it!  Now you know some of the medical assistant requirements!