Five Medical Assistant Interview Questions You NEED to KNOW!

Five Medical Assistant Interview Questions You NEED to KNOW!

If you’ve made it to the interview process, you’ve already earned your medical assistant certification and are ready to practice your medical assistant interview questions.  I polled employers in my area and these questions were the most popular medical assistant questions asked of potential employees.

Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions

  • What do you know about our clinic/hospital/doctor’s office?

Medical Assistant Interview Questions
This is an “ease-in” question to figure out if you are just a one-off wannabe employee or if you are actually interested in the place of employment.  Do your research before going to the interview, be sure to be familiar with what EXACTLY the office offers it’s clients, how long it’s been open, important doctors, and what type of clientele the office has.  This can usually be found through the internet, but you may need to ask one of your teachers or other people familiar with the office.  If all else fails, have someone call the office a week or so before you show up for the medical assistant interview and ask the person who answers the phone!

  • What can you tell me about your qualifications?

Obviously, if you have your medical assistant certification, throw that in the interviewers face!  Ok, maybe not so brash but you’ve got something to be proud of there!  Bring a resume with a summary of your education, professional experience, and accomplishments.  Now, I know your likely proud of being the best seamstress in Wafford county, but don’t put that on your resume!  Intern/Externships, research you’ve done in the medical field, tests you’ve performed well on, and any social clubs or associations you are a member of are great to have on your resume too;  use those as a talking point for the medical assistant interview questions, check out that link for some other tips!

  • Are you a people person?

OK, this one isn’t really a question, but is something you may find in medical assistant interview questions, interviewers may look for in how confidently you can answer a question.  Print off this article and ask yourself the questions on it and practice making conversation.  You need to be professional, upbeat, and confident in the interview, because you want the employer to know that you will treat the patients and medical records with professionalism and courtesy.  You will also be an important member of the team and will need to show that you can talk better than a brick wall can! They will also want to be sure that the clients can get along with you.

  • Have you ever had to deal with upset customers or patients, if so how do you handle them?

This question can be tricky, as different offices have different policies on how to handle unruly patients.  In our office, we respectfully ask the patient to calm down and the magic words, “What do you need me to do to make everything alright?” This flips the lid on the patient and they now have to come up with the solution, if they don’t then they have nothing to be mad about!  Notice how the words say “What do YOU need”, this is all patients ever want, for their need to be met.  If the answer the patient has is not practical (say they ask for pain-killers for an upset stomache), then you have to explain why that will not work.  If they continue to be unruly, we will follow professional guidelines to the best of our ability, and it typically ends with us referring the patient to another doctor or to the door.

Medical Assistant Certification

NOTE: If your dealing with an emotionally upset patient, say someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer, the question will not work, unfortunately there is no answer of what you can do for someone like this other than being strong and giving the person hope if they need it.

  • What is the difference in a medical assistant, and a nurse?

This is a “how new to the scene” are you question.  I had this one when I started out and blew it in my first interview.  It’s not as common of a question as the other ones, but because of my bad experience with it, and it’s my website, I decided to include it so that someone else who is in a medical assistant interview will know that it could be coming!

Other things that may happen is that the interviewer may ask you to perform some basic tests, such as blood pressure, acting out a patient interaction, etc.

Remember that if you have your medical assistant certification, then you have a leg-up on the competition. Dress professionally, speak up, and practice these Medical Assistant Interview Questions and you’ll do great!