Certified Medical Assistant Job Description

Certified Medical Assistant Job Description

One of the most common questions I get from visitors to the site is what I do everyday as a certified medical assistant. To become a certified medical assistant you need to take 1-2 years of school, or if you already have a lot of experience, then you can use your background to just learn what to do on the job. I could have used my experience as a business administrator for my parent’s barber shop, but I chose to go back to school and do the courses in anatomy, medicine, first aid, pharmacology, lab techniques and ethics because I wanted to refresh my knowledge about these topics. I was 28 when I finally went back to school and I got my medical assistant certification when I was just about to turn 30. I’ve been a certified medical assistant for five years now and I’ve never been happier!

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Certified Medical Assistant Administration and Office Duties

I work in the reception of a busy private neuro-surgical clinic. I make sure that the clinic is running smoothly and because our business is so small, I do some clinical tasks as well and I report directly to our two surgeons and a business manager. Part of my medical administrative assistant tasks are to update and file patient medical records, fill out insurance forms and arrange for transfer from hospitals and laboratory services, such as blood tests.

Apart from the above, my standard duties are to answer telephones, greet patients, handle the day-to-day postal and e-mail correspondence, deal with the accounts and bookkeeping and schedule appointments with patients and the surgeons.

Medical Assistant Clinical Duties

certified medical assistant job descriptionBecause we are such a small clinic, sometimes I also help out with some of the clinical duties. The most I’ve ever done is to record vital signs, but I was told at the job interview that I may have to assist as well sometimes by preparing laboratory specimens and performing basic tests! It’s very exciting. Sometimes I have to sterilize medical instruments and safely dispose of contaminated supplies.

I love working with patients in particular, and sometimes the surgeons ask me to explain medical procedures to them while they are working with another patient. I know a lot about diets, nutrition and fitness and I take part in a lot of marathons as a hobby, so I love telling patients about healthy lifestyles and how they can improve their overall level of health and fitness.

On rare occasions when the nurse is unavailable, I sometimes have to prepare patients for x-rays, use the EKG machine and even remove sutures and change dressings! I’m no longer afraid of blood since my accident with Gary and I absolutely love it when I get to assist with surgery somehow.

I’m an absolute freak when it comes to cleanliness and this is one of the reasons why my bosses love me. We do have a janitor who comes in twice a day, but during the day I usually keep everything neat and tidy and on occasion I may even wash up the hallway and sterilize the reception desk.

Oh, I get to wear a lab coat as well most certified medical assistantof the day!

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Medical Assistant Salary

This is a common question, but I think I am paid very well. I started my salary at $29k 5 years ago, because of my previous 10 years’ experience in business administration, but now it has increased to $35k. While it is a bit smaller than the annual median for the country, I absolutely love my job and I can expect to get at least up to $50-60k if I work for another 10 years in this job.

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Without a doubt, getting my medical assistant certification was the best decision of my life and I’m going to stay here till I retire!

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